We are Australia’s first and largest exclusive importer and distributor of a vast range of Dubai made products. Our inventory consists of a huge variety of striking Arabian perfumes both in spray and oil base. We also stock a sizeable inventory of quality Dubai made French style perfumes. But of course we have much, much more. Our range of goods extends to household Air fresheners and incenses as well as stunning water base linen sprays, solid perfumes, roll-ons and deodorants. In addition to the huge assets we have in the fragrance category, we stock an array of beauty and personal care products. From exotic soaps, to world renowned Argon range skin and hair care products made with companies with over 70 years’ experience in the field. We stock a range of natural oils that maintain beautiful hair and skin but also provide amazing value for money. We source the best products from the best quality manufacturers who provide absolute value for money for you. So now when you are in Dubai, you need only enjoy your holiday, and leave the shopping to us. All under the one roof here at Perfumes Dubai.